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Preventive Dental Services in Winnipeg

Preventive Dental Care | Assiniboine Dental Group | St. James, Winnipeg Dentist

At Assiniboine Dental Group, our goal is to keep your teeth healthy with preventive dental care. We recommend our patients maintain good oral hygiene at home and attend regular dental checkups. 

What is Preventive Dental Care?

Preventive dental care includes attending regular dental checkups and practicing good oral health care daily. Many heart, organ, and mental health issues can be a result of unhealthy or misaligned teeth, and we take that into account when we educate you during your regular exams and cleanings.

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We Offer Family Checkups

We provide simultaneous appointment-booking for you and your family, so you can all get your checkups together at the same time. Be sure to mention a family checkup when you plan your next appointment.

Preventive Dental Care | Assiniboine Dental Group | St. James, Winnipeg Dentist

Dental Checkups

Regular checkups at your dentists' office are recommended every six months and include the following components. 


During the exam portion of your checkup, your dentist will closely examine your teeth and gums. The exam may also include digital x-rays and screening for signs of oral cancer. These exams allow your dentist to diagnose issues and make a plan to treat them. 


During the cleaning portion of your checkup, your hygienist will use a scaler to remove tartar and plaque build-up between your teeth and along your gums. 

Your hygienist will also use an electric polisher and coarse toothpaste to remove leftover stains and plaque that is not removed by scaling, followed by a thorough flossing of your teeth and gums.

Supplementary Procedures 

In addition to the exam and cleaning, your appointment may include any of the following procedures. 

  • Fluoride Treatment

    Fluoride treatment is a safe option for both adults and children. If you have a high risk of tooth decay, your dentist may recommend a fluoride treatment.

    Fluoride is a natural mineral commonly used in dentistry. It helps to rebuild the minerals in your teeth to prevent or reverse tooth decay. 

  • X-Rays

    Digital x-rays produce detailed computer images of the teeth and gums. Digital x-rays may reveal information not visible to the eye such as abscesses, tumors, and other developmental abnormalities.

    Panoramic x-rays create a single digital image of the entire mouth including the teeth, jaws, and even the nasal and sinus areas. 

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  • Oral Cancer Screening

    Your dentist has the skill and training to detect early signs of oral cancer by closely examining your oral tissues (lips, gums, cheeks, and tongue).

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