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Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removal in St. James, Winnipeg

Tooth Extraction | Assiniboine Dental Group | St. James, Winnipeg Dentist

Our St. James dentists provide tooth extractions for wisdom teeth and for teeth that have experienced extensive damage. 

What is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. Tooth extractions are performed only when a less invasive option would be ineffective, or if a tooth is compromising the health of your mouth.

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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are commonly extracted because they are causing pain or discomfort, or as a way to prevent future dental issues including, infection, damage to other teeth and on rare occasions, cysts or tumors.

In most cases it is beneficial to remove them at a young age (17-25) to reduce the possibility of future complications and help preserve a healthy mouth.

Extensive Damage

Excessive damage to a tooth can be caused by a variety of issues including decay, disease, infection or injury.

If a tooth is too badly damaged to be saved, it must be extracted by your dentist. If this is the case, your dentist will discuss tooth replacement options with you, including bridges, crowns or full or partial dentures.

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