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Mouth Guards for Sports or Sleep

Mouth Guards for Sports or Sleep

Mouth guards are simple devices made of molded acrylic or thermoplastic. They serve an important function in preventing sports injuries or wear from teeth grinding. Your dental staff at ADG can help custom fit the right mouth guard for your teeth.

What to Look For in a Sports Guards

A good sports guard protects you while you play the sports you love, and it’s a much more comfortable solution alternative to undergoing procedures to repair or replace damaged teeth.

Your ADG dentist can custom fit a mouth guard to your mouth. A professionally fitted guard protects you from any jostling or aggressive contact during active sport. They form-fit your teeth perfectly, and they come in many custom colours and finishes. You can match your team colours, if you like, while staying as protected as the pros.

It’s important to note that a boil-and-bite guard from a store does not completely protect your teeth. It can shift around in your mouth or even come loose whenever you’re hit. If a sports guard is able to fall out of your mouth, it is not doing it’s job.

Even if the sport doesn’t involve physical contact with others, we still advise you get a sports guard. Your tooth’s biggest threat are the other teeth in your mouth, and prolonged clenching can damage or crack your teeth if you aren’t careful.

Night Mouth Guards for Bruxism

Do you have sensitive teeth, morning headaches, or even jaw pain from grinding your teeth while you sleep? You may have a condition known as “bruxism,” which is nighttime teeth grinding. Preventing long-term tooth damage, thinning, or fractures can be as simple as a properly fitted night mouth guard.

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