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Getting a Crown in a Day

Getting a Crown in a Day

Throughout a Crown in a Day appointment, the patient is a part of the process. First, we shape and prepare the teeth that we are crowning. Instead of taking a putty impression, we take a digital impression using an optical camera that rapidly photographs our patient’s mouth. Our computer translates those photos into a digital, 3-D model. The patient doesn’t feel anything during this process, and they can watch their impression developing on-screen in real time.


We then shape and design the contours of their new crown on the computer. The name for this process is digital smile design. The patient can customize his or her own smile before we fabricate the crown.

We also photograph the client’s face and add it to the model of their mouth. The patient can see what their own face and smile will look like with the crown in place


We then begin the fabrication process. A typical crown, depending upon the material, will take anywhere from about 7-10 minutes to mill out. We then paint the crown with different layers of coloured ceramics to match the colour of a real tooth and then put it through the oven to fire. That process takes about 15-20 minutes.

After the crown comes out of the oven, we try in the restoration and make sure the patient is happy with it. Once we cement the restoration in your mouth, you’re done!

Before Digital Dentistry

We used to have to take putty impressions of a patient’s mouth and mail them to a lab for manufacturing. The patient would then have to live with a temporary crown in place for a week or two. Fabricating elsewhere runs the risk of the restoration being the wrong size. shape, or colour. The patient wasn’t always getting exactly what they wanted.

We bypass all of those problems with our Crowns in a Day service, and we can do it all in the span of a single appointment.

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