Need a Tooth Removed? ADG Provides Dental Extraction in Winnipeg

When a tooth cannot be saved when it is damaged by trauma or advanced decay, your dentist may advise dental extraction, or pulling the tooth. Tooth removal may also be needed if a tooth is severely out of position or crowding others.

Don’t delay seeking your dentist’s help if you have tooth pain or other dental problems. The dentists of ADG are available for consultations to inform you about all options and preferred treatments. Please call for an appointment.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

One of the common tooth extractions concern wisdom teeth. When these four teeth at the very back of the mouth come out or “erupt,” they may cause pain. Earning the name “wisdom teeth” because they emerge in adolescents or young adults after all their adult teeth are in place, they can crowd the rest of your adult teeth, causing crooked teeth and misalignment.

The ADG team may recommend the removal of problem wisdom teeth in patients under the age of 25. Wisdom tooth extraction can be easier before a young adult’s jawbone is not fully mature and rigid.

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