Mouth Guards for Sports or Sleep from ADG in Winnipeg

Mouth guards seem like simple devices, but they serve an important function in preventing dental damage that comes from sports injuries or teeth grinding. The dental staff at ADG in Winnipeg can help custom fit the right mouth guard to protect your teeth.

What to Look for in Sports Guards

Do you play an active or contact sport? A good sports guard allows you to play the sports you love without the worry of having to undergo complicated procedures to repair or replace damaged or lost teeth. Custom fit is also key to actually wearing your sports guard and its level of protection.

Night Mouth Guards for Bruxism

Do you have sensitive teeth, morning headaches or even jaw pain from grinding your teeth while you sleep? You may have a condition known as “bruxism,” which is nighttime teeth grinding. Preventing long-term tooth damage, thinning or fractures can be as simple as a properly fit night mouth guard.

Consult with the professionals at ADG to find the custom mouth guard to meet your needs. Call us for an appointment today.

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