ADG Offers Positive Changes with Veneers in Winnipeg

Are you tired of looking at your receding gums or shorter, thinner teeth? Your solution may be veneers that feel and look like natural teeth but cover the problems of age and damage.

One of cosmetic dentistry’s effective options, veneers are used to cover gaps, permanent stains or irregularly shaped teeth. You can have a new smile by simply covering crooked, cracked and chipped teeth as well.

Call the ADG office to schedule your consultation and to learn if veneers are right for you.

The Materials and Method

Veneers are made of very thin acrylic or porcelain shells. The dentist places them over and bonds them to your existing teeth, making them feel and look like your natural teeth, but better.

The steps to fitting your new veneers in Winnipeg are:

  • At your first visit, the dentist makes an impression of your teeth, which is sent to a dental lab where your veneers are custom made.
  • On your return visit, your dentist roughens your existing teeth with a mild chemical to create the proper surface for your new veneers.
  • During the same appointment, your veneers are attached to your teeth. They are bonded with a resin dental cement. You are done.

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