Root Canal in Winnipeg Manitoba

If your teeth are sensitive, do you need a root canal?

Do you grimace when you eat an ice cream cone? Wince when you drink your morning coffee? If your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold, it may be an indication that you need a root canal. Winnipeg dentists will run a series of tests before recommending this dental procedure, but there are several indicators patients may experience that can suggest the need for it.

Signs you may need a root canal

While not all root canal procedures are preceded by patient recognized symptoms, many are. If you experience any of the following, be sure to contact your Winnipeg dentist. 

  • Tooth pain when eating.
  • Sensitivity to hot and/or cold substances. You should be especially vigilant about visiting your dentist if your tooth has a prolonged reaction after being impacted by chilled or heated items. 
  • Tender or swollen gums.
  • Darkening of the tooth.
  • A small bump on the gum near the affected tooth.
  • Other types of tooth pain ranging from a dull throb to an intensely acute ache. 

These symptoms aren’t absolute signs that you’ll need a root canal, and individually any of them could indicate other types of dental issues. The important thing is to be wary should you be experiencing them and have your teeth checked by a dentist in Winnipeg.

What’s a root canal anyway? 

For a variety of reasons, there are times when a tooth becomes abscessed, or infected at the root. There are only two possible things to do in this circumstance: extract the tooth or perform a root canal. With the latter scenario, the dentist will remove the infected area called the pulp, drain it and then refill the space with a substance that helps preserve the tooth. If the tooth is a molar, then a crown will be placed on top to prevent it from breaking under the repeated pressure that comes with chewing. A tooth that’s had a root canal can and often does last a lifetime. 

The benefits of getting a root canal

Winnipeg dentists agree that in the majority of cases, an abscessed tooth is best treated with a root canal. While the tooth is essentially dead it still provides a number of important functions. It assists with chewing, aids with speech, and helps maintain the integrity of your other teeth. 

A Winnipeg dentist you can trust

Root canals are complex dental procedures that require special training and expertise. At Assiniboine Dental Group, our dentists have the knowhow and advanced instruction necessary to proficiently execute root canals. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to get your dental questions answered.