Answers to Your Questions about Dental Implants in Winnipeg

A small miracle of dentistry, dental implants may be just what the doctor ordered if you have missing, broken or damaged teeth!

The Assiniboine Dental Group can answer all your questions about dental implants in Winnipeg. We have been taking care of the oral health needs of Winnipeg families since 1966.

There is a long list of advantages to dental implants:

  • Appearance. Permanently replace missing and broken teeth with natural-looking and long-lasting implants. Dental implants can signify the end of the humiliation, discomfort and irritation associated with slipping dentures and uncomfortable prostheses. Let your full, confident smile shine forth like it should!
  • Practicality. Because implants are anchored in permanent titanium roots which fuse with the bone, they never have to be removed, cleaned in a special way or fixed with tooth adhesive. You can eat what you want, when you want, without worrying about dentures slipping, and you brush the implants as you would natural teeth.
  • Durability. Nothing comes closer to natural teeth than dental implants. They often last a lifetime, depending on your health, condition of your jaw and the quality of the bone into which the titanium root is fixed.
  • Comfort. Because dental implants permanently replace natural teeth and never need to be removed, never slip and never come out, you never have to deal with uncomfortable dental prostheses or dentures again.
  • Improved oral health. Implants mean reduced bone and tissue loss and do not succumb to the deterioration that affects your natural teeth over time.
  • Flexibility. Replace one or all your teeth, upper or lower—it all depends on your needs.
  • No age limit! It's as simple as this: regardless of your age, if your health allows you to have one or more teeth extracted, then in all likelihood you will be able to have dental implants installed to replace them.

The Assiniboine Dental Group has the dentists in Winnipeg to assist you in determining if implants are right for you. We are one of Western Canada's largest oral health clinics. Over 50 years of experience and 14 practising dentists mean we can answer all your questions regarding dental implants in Winnipeg.

Need a dental hygienist or dentist in Winnipeg? We are there for you. Just contact us at 204-958-4444 and let us answer your questions about dental implants in Winnipeg – or any other concerns you may have regarding your oral health.