You Can Smile Again – Dentures in Winnipeg - Assiniboine Dental Group
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You Can Smile Again – Dentures in Winnipeg

You Can Smile Again – Dentures in Winnipeg

Are you afraid to smile or eat your favourite foods because you have missing, broken or decayed teeth? Are your current dentures worn or uncomfortable?

Whether you have lost teeth to injury, tooth decay or aging, dentures should hold comfortably in place, looking and working just like the real teeth they replace. In fact, replacing your missing teeth can help improve your ability to chew, your appearance and your speech.

With an examination and consultation, we can create a either a full or partial denture for you, depending on what you need.


Full Dentures

When new crowns or a bridge can’t serve to repair damaged teeth, ADG offers a full denture replacement. We professionally fit a natural-looking set of teeth for comfort and effectiveness.

You may also choose more personalized, premium dentures with higher-end materials and more options to change your appearance.


Partial Dentures

If you need to replace one tooth or a few teeth, a partial denture fits in with your natural teeth. A well-fit partial denture can also help support the surrounding teeth, improving not only your facial structure but also your ability to speak and chew naturally. Partials are also removable for cleaning while you sleep.

A partial denture can be acrylic, a combination of metal and acrylic, or flexible thermoplastics. Your dentist will use the design, materials, and fitting that meets your particular tooth loss and dental needs.


Your dentist at ADG can help fit you with a full or partial set of dentures when you call for an appointment.

Let’s start your treatment today.