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Stop Cavities Sooner, Not Later – Dental Fillings in Winnipeg

Stop Cavities Sooner, Not Later – Dental Fillings in Winnipeg

Tooth decay creates cavities that leave small holes in your tooth’s enamel, creating a lot discomfort and infection. Don’t put off trips to our office, as our dentists can remove decay and seal these holes with a dental filling before it gets worse.

Your dentist will look for brown or black spots on your teeth and use X-rays to better examine any suspicious spots. When needed, your dentist will fill problem cavities right away. A bigger, unfilled cavity can lead to tooth loss.

If you already have fillings, the dentist will check for broken or loose ones that will need replacing to prevent further damage and discomfort.

What Is a Filling?

Several kinds of fillings are available, with many dentists offering metal and tooth coloured. Your dentist can directly fill your cavity by using a local anesthetic, removing the tooth decay, and shaping and filling the hole. Most of the time, you can have a direct filling with just one dental appointment.

Metal amalgam makes up most metal fillings in Canada today, but we can use other metals depending on a patient’s dental needs.

Your dentist may also use a white, tooth-coloured filling made of a resin or plastic material. These fillings are popular because they help keep your smile looking natural. Resin compounds also bind to teeth with a tight seal that helps create a stronger tooth.

Has it been a while since your last checkup? Having sensitivity in a tooth? Call ADG to schedule a cavity check or get a dental filling in Winnipeg today.

Let’s start your treatment today.