Root Canal Services in Winnipeg - Assiniboine Dental Group
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Root Canal Services in Winnipeg

Root Canal Services in Winnipeg

ADG in Winnipeg performs root canal (endodontic) procedures. Because of popular myths, many people still are frightened by the idea of having a root canal. With current anesthetics and dental techniques, the dentists at ADG can make our root canal patients more comfortable.


Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Tooth

If you have a deep cavity, crack or broken tooth, bacteria can enter and infect the tooth pulp. This can lead to the tooth’s root becoming damaged or decayed, eventually leading to loss of the tooth if not treated.

You may feel pain, but sometimes the pulp becomes infected or dies without causing any pain. Regular dental checkups are important to let your dentist find the warning signs of advanced decay, such as:

  • Changes in the colour of a tooth
  • Changes in your gums
  • Changes in a dental X-ray


Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment can ease or prevent pain, and save your tooth. The treatment is straightforward in these steps:

  • Step 1: A rubber dam is placed to protect your open tooth from bacteria during the root canal.
  • Step 2: You may receive an anesthetic if needed.
  • Step 3: The dentist makes a small opening to reach the pulp and root canal.
  • Step 4: The dentist removes the damaged pulp and cleans the root canal system.
  • Step 5: The root canal is filled and sealed with a rubber-like compound.
  • Step 6: The dentist finishes by sealing your tooth with a filling.

If you need a root canal in Winnipeg don’t wait! Please contact us today.

Let’s start your treatment today.