Maintaining Healthy Gums – Gum Disease - Assiniboine Dental Group
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Maintaining Healthy Gums – Gum Disease

Maintaining Healthy Gums – Gum Disease


Having healthy gums is vital to good oral health. That is why ADG works hard at preventing gum disease, or periodontal disease, in patients of all ages. Basically, if your gums are not properly cared for and healthy, you can develop serious conditions like receding gums, which can result in tooth loss.

Act on Gum Disease Symptoms

Don’t wait for gum problems to linger before you seek help. Call to make an appointment for a dental examination at ADG. These are common symptoms of gum disease that need the attention of a dentist, especially if they do not improve:

  • Bleeding or sore gums
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Chronic bad breath

Depending on the length and severity of an untreated periodontal disease, the dentists of ADG can offer the following treatments:

  • Professional dental cleaning
  • A deep cleaning with scaling and root planing
  • Surgical treatments to remove tartar and bacteria
  • Gum tissue grafts or tissue regeneration

Let’s start your treatment today.