For a Healthy Start - Children's Dentist in Winnipeg - Assiniboine Dental Group
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For a Healthy Start – Children’s Dentist in Winnipeg

For a Healthy Start – Children’s Dentist in Winnipeg

ADG is committed being your children’s dentist and helping your child feel at ease. We aim to teach positive dental habits at every stage of your child’s growth.

From a kid’s first checkup to braces for teens, we treat young people of every age. Of course, preventive dental care and education about oral hygiene are the basis of pediatric dental services at ADG. It is why we strive to be your children’s dentist in Winnipeg.

Under Three? First Visit Free!

Begin your child’s positive relationship with the dentist before the age of three to ensure normal tooth development and healthy gums. To support your child’s early start on dental health, ADG offers our First Free Visit Program. Is your child under three? Call us for a free first visit.

Let’s start your treatment today.